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Oof is a «DJ-director », he’s been directing about 30 music videos of found footage movies (Cinéclips) where he synchs music image & sounds. French pioneer of the DVJ shows, he gave about 400 audiovisual concerts abroad in the best museums, film & music festivals since 2003, thanks to the «Cinemix» album he produced on Universal Jazz, remixes of the most famous french soundtracks (from C.Craig to S.Gainsbourg or E.Morricone). His last creations are : 4 Cinéclips with the aeronautic archives, some for Walt Disney, 11 with the films of the cult animator Norman McLaren or with J.Tati movie Les Vacances de monsieur Hulot (Technicolor foundation).

Oof write electro-dreamy-pop music as Lunivers (with Lena Kaufman), on the Zzouf name (with Zero dB), a mixture of electronic and psychédelic rock released on the labels Tru-thoughts and Fluid Ounce.

Founder of, cultural marketing agency who takes care of Ninja Tune since 1998 in France, & produced 160 events in Paris since 1997, festivals & conceptual nights of total art :40th Bday of May 68 or Eros 69 and the Nuits Ouf at the 104 venue. As a psychedelic art collector he has curated about ten exhibitions & has a men fashion blog & has a men fashion blog (see section on the home page).

Finally he’s been writing a transmédia movie called Folley Folie, a surreal comedy based on strange foley artists sounds, the following of his found footage directed videos, well Oof!

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