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Jacket: with no button, from the master… Moritz Rogosky.

Light sweater: very cosmic indeed, silver with buttons in the back, looks like what Dr Spock should wear really… again : Moritz Rogosky. No comment, genius.

Brooch: from the 1920’s, fox made out of ivory is my guess…

Tousers: Punky Vivienne Westwood with included bumbag (or fannypack for our US friends), the pants can be more loose with zippers behind & have the two legs attached by a band…

Badge: USSR rocks, this is Youri Gagarin obviously!

Shoes: Helmut Lang

Last photo is with the photographer of this shooting : Anne Charlotte. Big up.

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Jacket: corduroy & wool by Moritz Rogosky

Trousers: bright green by Moritz Rogosky

Shoes: reversed green leather by Spring Court

Jumper: patchwork of velvet corduroy & pieces of sweat shirts fom « Production Artisanale »

Badges: USSR crocodile & Jeff Koons’ dog…

Shirt : with a judo green stripe & buttons by (yes him again…) Moritz Rogosky

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This is one of my fave op art shirts, fits well with the retinal tie i found. the pants are very punk in the style with a strap linking the legs… thanks Vivienne Westwood. The grey shoes are cool (forgot the brand), jacket is an old Diesel one sill works well for the summer….

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The longest serie of pics so far : A 100% polyester classic end 70’s disco top, my old brown shoes that ruined me couple years ago (forgot the brand), a tie/scarf in the head by the worderful Moritz Rogosky (again!), a funky 2nd hand jacket with a real United Nations sign. the pants are dead stock from the 70’s their shape is amazing, not too flares.

A crapy cheap scarf that fits the jacket & a great one bought in Mali with the blue dots. the ones the blue mens in the Sahara desert are wearing.

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Tie: my cult most worn tie with the multicoloured Pelican, vintage from John Rodd
Long sleeve shirt: almost Op art, found in vintage second hand in Montreal, a 70’s shirt that is my size & look damn modern! From « Melka trend »

Pants: black corduroy trousers from the brand Guess

Shoes: Spring court, black flowered.

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