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Lunivers is a new music duo coming from the stars:

– Lena Kaufman, famous russian singer who’s angels songs are between trip-hop and folk. Coming from a TV background (Fabric stars), she released a celebrated album (20 000 copies sold), later collaborated with the band Triangle Sun (Budha Bar), and now set in Paris, her last project is more acoustic, the video is pleasing a lot on Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkznh5Azbig

– Oof aka Jaïs Frédéric Elalouf, is a DJ-director, his main influence is acid rock, jazz, funk and dirty electro. He released tracks on Tru-thoughts, Fluid Ounce, Universal Jazz, directed about 35 music videos and played 400 gigs worldwide. Oof has many other interests, as a psychedelic art collector, parties and concerts curator (Nuits Ouf), fashion freak, music digger journalist, founder of Ping pong who represents Ninja Tune and 700 artists in France since 1998. He’s associated artist of 104 in 2012 and set up his multimedia studio there.

Most of the tracks are about their meeting as lovers and how life is :

– the ambient sounds of « Bisous de Zadar », a track led by field recordings of the 70 meters sea organ in Zadar (Croatia), and the rhythm entirely made out of kisses!

– the electro-dreamy-pop sounds of « Happy Route » or « All I see is you » where you can hear cult vintage synths like the Jupiter 8 or Prophet 5.

– the commited flamenco-dub sounds of « Moi mua », the only sampled based song, & with a pretty unique process as the samples come from the films themselves (check out the video). Based on a research program of IAE-La Sorbonne-Paris and two other european universities on « Art & Restructuring ».

Free from any music genre, dare to describe it ! This EP will be released in June.

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[English version at the end] Le projet Arts et Restructurations va enfin voir le jour après près d’une année de recherche. Son point d’orgue, l’organisation d’une manifestation intitulée « RestructuARTions » les 9 et 10 mars prochains, à la Maison des Métallos à Paris, ouverte au public, entrée gratuite !

J’ai été invité à participer à ce projet à l’initiative de l’IAE Paris Sorbonne. Ma contribution, bâtir à travers le montage de courts vidéoclips une imagerie concrète et signifiante autour du processus créatif en temps de crise. Notre objectif commun étant de « Regarder, vivre et comprendre les restructurations d’entreprise autrement par l’angle de l’art ».
Les vidéos seront bientôt dispo, en attendant nous vous convions à participer à cet événement et à diffuser cette invitation dans vos réseaux.

PROJET LAY-OOFF (Lunivers « Moi Mua »)

Le projet Lay-ooff est la plus aboutie de mes créations audiovisuelles, réalisée pour le programme européen de recherche « Art & restructurations » de trois universités dont Paris IAE-La Sorbonne. Chacun des trois vidéoclips engagé montre différents moments où le personnel est licencié et ses conséquences. Lunivers (lena Kaufman & Oof) a composé un titre spécialement pour le projet samplant les films eux-mêmes, avant de les synchroniser aux images, un procédé sans-précédent. Les autres vidéos (Cinéclips) comprennent jusqu’à huit films pour exprimer une fiction et une atmosphère. Dansez et battez vous pour quelque chose!

The Lay-ooff project is the most accomplished audiovisual creation of DJ Oof, directed for a european research program « Art & restructurations » of three universities including Paris IAE-La Sorbonne. Every of the three music-videos is commited, showing different moments when staff is dismissed and its consequences. Lunivers has made a track especially for the project sampling the movies themselves, the synchronisation and edition has no previous comparison. Other videos (Cinéclips) have been using up to eight movies to express a story and a mood. Dance and stand for something!

N’oubliez pas : « la Manif » les 9 et 10 Mars 2012 à la Maison des Métallos – Paris 11 (94 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud).

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Another fashion blog?

Yes but for men & for total fun which is rare. It’s on the particular way i dress & the clothes story. Every morning it takes me 20 minutes to coordinate the colours taking risks with more or less success. Everything is art & the way we dress is definitely a temporary piece. Part of this idea came because I wanted to keep a memory from these unpredictable outfits that hype peeps were talking about.

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Another rock orientated mix for the french national radio Le Mouv’ where Oof was supposed to host shows every months.

[audio:http://stream1.mxcdn.com/cloudcasts/originals/7/d/e/e/7367-be6d-49d0-b32b-642bf85c22f1.mp3|titles=Oof -Oui FM Rock Mix]

Download link (right click & save)

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LOof did a very special mix for the support of Kid Koala’s concert in Lille, mixing mostly Ninja Tune tracks from Roots Manuva or Daedelus to some new tunes of the english label Dorian Concept, Dels or The Slew. The result is a perfect screenshot of what the label sounded like in 2010.

[audio:http://www.oneoclock.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/09-Humanized.mp3|titles=Oof – Oof Mixes The Ninjas]

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